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Alexandra Donovan (She/Her)

Confidential Resource. Click my photo to make an appointment.

Alexandra is deeply committed to students’ emotional and social wellbeing through her role as a confidential resource for anyone impacted by sexual misconduct and as the Director of CARE. She has an unwavering belief that the strongest among us are those that ask for help.

 Knowing every person is uniquely complex, Alexandra practices a holistic, trauma-informed approach to assist students in creating a path forward. She believes our cultures, identities, and socializations create diverse intersectional experiences that directly influence and impact our understandings of and reactions to trauma.

With identities as a white, cisgendered woman – and as a Director -- Alexandra is keenly aware of the power and privilege she holds. She is committed to personal introspection around her identities as well as life-long learning to develop knowledge and skills to combat systemic oppression.

 Prior to Tufts, Alexandra has worked with international humanitarian aid and crisis work, victim witness advocacy, community shelters, counseling centers, hospital-based victim advocacy, state-level victim advocacy and Cambridge Public Health Department. Alexandra earned a BA from Syracuse University, MA from George Washington University in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in trauma, and an International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance from the University of Geneva. She has won awards for her innovative, creative programming and a US State Department Fellowship to study gender-based violence in Cairo, Egypt.

 In her free time, she tries to balance her loves of reading and watching far too much TikTok. She enjoys challenging herself with creative upcycling art projects. Most recently, she’s made a giraffe from old bike tires, a fox from old denim jeans and an owl from a vintage condom tin. She is studying mindful creativity with the goal of offering an additional program of healing and support at CARE.

Emma Cohen (She/Her)

Associate Prevention and Response Specialist
Confidential Resource. Click my photo to make an appointment.
PLEASE NOTE: Emma is on leave through the end of August.

Emma is passionate about her role as a confidential resource for any student impacted by sexual misconduct.

She believes healing is possible and that it looks different for everyone: she offers talking-based appointments as well as two trauma-informed yoga classes, Yoga for Healing and Yoga & Meditation for Emotional Wellbeing. She believes people’s identities impact the ways they experience, process, and heal from harm. As a white cisgendered woman, she has specific lived experiences that influence her perspective, but/and she works to provide culturally-responsive care and welcomes conversations about identity and oppression. 

Emma is committed to CARE’s mission of education and prevention - she welcomes conversations with students who have caused harm or think they may have caused harm and is always open to discussions of consent, communication, and interpersonal dynamics.

As a state-certified Sexual Assault Counselor and Domestic Violence Advocate, she has worked at sexual health clinics, rape crisis centers, and as a violence prevention and sexual health educator. She earned a BA from Macalester College in Gender & Sexuality Studies and a Master's in Education from Harvard University with a focus on prevention programming. She has supported incarcerated survivors in jails and prisons, facilitated the Youth Leadership Corps at the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, and co-led anti-racism trainings for the Boston Public Health Commission’s Division of Violence Prevention. She is the Staff Advisor to the Sex Health Reps and is a member of Tufts’ interdisciplinary Trans Health Team.

Emma leans hard into the “millennial plant mom” trope (which you’ll see if you come by her office) and has the same smoothie for breakfast every day (yes, every). When she’s not at work, she can be found stand up paddle boarding, making sassy/rated R embroidery, and watching trashy reality dating TV.

Shayan Hashmi (He/Him)

Physician Assistant, CARE Sex Health Consultant
Confidential Resource. To make an appointment, email me at:
Pronouns: He/him/his Shayan Hashmi is a Physician Assistant at Tufts Health Services and a confidential resource for students obtaining services through CARE. He is available for conversations on all manners of sexual health topics and enjoys open discussions with students. Please note that appointments with Shayan through CARE are non-clinical (no lab testing, physical exams, etc.) so medical-based appointments should be made through Health Services. Shayan has a background in Emergency Medicine and spends most of his time tending his houseplants and cat. To make an appointment, please email

Ariel Watriss, NP (Any pronouns)

Nurse Practitioner and Sexual Health Specialist
Confidential Resource. To make an appointment, email me at:
Ariel L Watriss is a nurse practitioner and sexual health specialist with Tufts Health Services. Their work with CARE is non-clinical (ie no testing or physical exams) appointments, and he supports students by answering any questions/queries they have about sexual health. All topics are welcome and she is open to any and all questions!

Lisa Keegan (She/they)

Nurse Practicioner, CARE Sex Health Consultant
Confidential Resource. To make an appointment, email me at:
Pronouns: She/they Lisa is a nurse practitioner at Tufts Health Services and is available for discussion of any and all sexual-health-related topics! Please note that appointments with Lisa through CARE are non-medical (no lab testing, physical exams, etc) so please make those appointments through Health Services. Lisa is especially interested in LGBTQ sexual/reproductive health and enjoys baking, dancing, and hiking. To make an appointment, please email. To make an appointment, please email
Please note that only professional staff are confidential resources.

Sex Health Reps 

Sex Health Reps programming promotes sexual health, reduces stigma, and prevents sexual assault through ongoing campus-wide sex and consent education. 

Sex Health Reps host events like Sexy Bingo, Smut Slam, and film screenings. They put on tailored events for/with specific groups such as residence halls or DSDI centers, as well as bigger events for the wider campus community. 

For more information about their virtual and in-person programming or to bring them in for an event, follow them @tuftsshr or email the SHR Coordinators below. 


Myles Silsby, Class of 2025

Sex Health Reps Coordinator Spring 2024

Ella Rosen, Class of 2026

Sex Health Reps Coordinator Spring 2024
Tufts University Green Dot sticker with green elephants

Green Dot 

Green Dot is a proactive and reactive Bystander Intervention program that focuses on changing our campus culture and building skills for a safer community. 

Green Dot offers one, two, or four-hour trainings that are tailored to your group’s needs. They train athletic teams, student organizations, and sit on the President’s Steering Committee for Sexual Misconduct Prevention. 

For more information or to request a training, follow them @tuftsgreendot or email the Green Dot coordinators below. 

Conor Moore, Class of 2024

Green Dot Coordinator 2023-2024

Charles Hicks, Class of 2025

Green Dot Coordinator 2023-2024