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CARE staff have conversations with students* about sexual health, hook ups, and relationships, and offer support around sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, and relationship violence. At CARE, we will support and advocate for you no matter how you define the harm that occurred. You can make a confidential appointment below. Speaking with us does not trigger a report to the University.

*no matter how you identify or have been impacted: person harmed/victim/survivor/complainant, friend/witness/teammate/roommate, alleged perpetrator/respondent

Read more about us here.

Schedule a confidential appointment with Emma here or Alexandra here.

Emma Cohen

Associate Prevention and Response Specialist
I am a confidential resource. Click my picture to make an appointment.

Alexandra Donovan

I am a confidential resource. Click my picture to make an appointment.

Our Confidentiality

CARE staff are confidential. The only exception is if you let us know you are planning to hurt yourself (or someone else) in which case we will need to take steps to ensure your safety, which may include getting other University staff involved.

There are four offices at Tufts that are confidential: CARE, Health Service, Counseling and Mental Health Services, and Chaplaincy. For Health Service, Counseling and Mental Health Services, and Chaplaincy staff, their confidentiality comes from their licensure/accreditation. CARE staff's confidentiality is a policy that comes from the University which enables us to provide confidential emotional support to any students impacted by sexual misconduct.

Bringing Someone With You

We encourage you to bring someone with you to your CARE appointment (friend, roommate, etc.) if it would help you feel more comfortable and they have agreed to join you.


CARE staff can ensure our confidentiality, but we cannot ensure a friend/other support person's confidentiality. If you choose to invite someone, be sure it is someone you trust.

Scheduling Future Appointments

You are always welcome to put yourself directly on Emma's or Alexandra's calendar for an in-person, Zoom, or phone appointment. (Schedule a confidential appointment with Emma here or Alexandra here.) If none of our available times work for you, you are welcome to email us directly (; and we will try to figure out an alternate time to meet with you.

After your first appointment, YOU get to decide if and when you'd like to return for another conversation, and when you'd like that conversation to happen. Some people come back, for example, a week later, some a month later, some a year later, some not at all - it's completely up to you.

We do ask that once you've seen one of us, you keep seeing that same person unless there is a specific reason you'd prefer to switch.

Cancellations & No-Shows

You are welcome to reschedule or cancel your appointment at any time. We understand trauma impacts people in many ways and that sometimes students make appointments and then decide not to come. Not showing up for an appointment does not impact your ability to make future appointments and we will welcome you whenever you come to CARE.