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CARE provides free and confidential support to all Tufts students. We have conversations with students about their social and sexual lives, including topics such as sexual health, safe sex, hook ups, relationships, and sexual misconduct (harassment, assault, stalking, or relationship abuse). We aim to promote sexual health and wellness, demystify and reduce barriers to accessing services, and provide prevention programming on Tufts campuses to create a safer culture for all. Follow us on Instagram @CARETufts.

All services are free and available to students with any identity or immigration status. Currently CARE services are offered only in English.

Schedule a confidential appointment with any of us by clicking on our picture below.

Emma Cohen, Ed.M.

Associate Prevention and Response Specialist
Confidential Resource
Pronouns: She series

Ariel Watriss

Nurse Practitioner and Sexual Health Specialist
Confidential Resource
Pronouns: Any pronouns

Alexandra Donovan

Confidential Resource
Pronouns: She series

Why CARE? 

Students come to CARE to talk about... 

    • Their sexual/reproductive health 
    • How to ask for consent 
    • An assault they experienced 
    • Wanting to have sex for the first time 
    • Setting or respecting personal boundaries 
    • A partner using their gender identity/sexuality/immigration status against them 
    • Supporting a friend or partner who has experienced sexual violence 
    • An Office of Equal Opportunity adjudication process (complainant or respondent) 
    • How to incorporate sex toys into their personal or partnered sex life 
    • Whether something that happened to them was sexual violence 
    • Navigating online dating and/or hookup culture 
    • Someone who is making them uncomfortable/scared or won’t leave them alone 
    • Having potentially harmed a sexual/romantic partner