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Education and prevention work must be multi-faceted. By understanding the culture, we meet our audience where they are and bring them slowly and deliberately to a place of accountability and care for others. We offer these workshops to engage students to examine their social lives in ways they haven’t before. We can also design a workshop for you on any social subject of interest.

Sex Health Workshops

Sex in the Dark

This is a program to answer any and all question about sex and sexual health by a panel of Sexperts.  The lights will be low and the room set to glow in neon.  Most questions will be submitted prior to the event so they can be answered anonymously, but there will be multiple opportunity for people to either ask questions or write them down to be answered during the program.

Empower Your Sex Life

This program is dedicating to creating a safe environment to dialog about healthy sexuality and sexual relations. It has been created so attendees feel empowered to start defining what they want to get out of their sex lives.

Sex Toy 101

Have you ever wondered what sex toys are out there? Or what toys are better for different people? This workshop is dedicated to increasing the knowledge about sex toys.  We will discuss which ones are safe to use, whether they can be used for couples or individuals (or both!), and why someone would want to use them. This has been designed as a safe space for everyone involved.

Ethical Sex

Every person on this planet is a sexual being. So, how do our values influence our sex lives? What role does society and the media have in promoting a specific sexual outcome? How do we reconcile our sexual selves with many contradictory statements and beliefs about sex? This program will be a safe space to work through these question and more.

Green Dot Bystander Intervention Trainings

Green Dot Bystander Intervention Training

Bystander Intervention is a 2 hour training that can be done in 2 one hour workshops or combined in a two hour workshop. The first hour looks at the social culture at Tufts focusing on perceptions versus facts; what social rules are in place; and hook up culture. The second session focuses on what we can do to be better friends and members of Tufts community. What options do I have if I am shy or scared to intervene? We review the 3 categories of responses that actively work to change our community.

Green Dot Certification

Groups and Departments can become Green Dot certified which indicates they have completed a 4 hour comprehensive training. The training follows a public health approach of defining the problem, identifying risk factors, developing prevention and integrating those into everyday life. Each group identifies a larger societal context as well as their own social community that may contribute to an unsafe environment and make active changes during the training. Every group certified contributes to a more active and safer community at large.

Green Dot Party


Can We Talk? Conversations with CARE

An interactive program hosted by the staff and students from the Center for Awareness, Resources, and Education (CARE) about healthy relationships. Learn how Tufts talks about healthy sexuality, bystander intervention, and sexual assault prevention.


Let's Talk About Consent IRL

What messages do we get about relationships, sex, and consent from the media and what do they mean to us?

Healthy Relationships

Relationship Roots

This training provides participants the opportunity to; reflect on where messages about relationships came from, acknowledge the difficulties in having their needs met, think about the boundaries they want, and practice vocalizing personal boundaries. It is comprised of multiple internal and external reflection activities with discussion following each.